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INNOVATIVE SKINCARE®'s breakthrough Extremozyme® technology features advanced formulations of highly specialized enzymes developed via natural selection to allow micro-organisms to survive in extreme environments of pressure, heat, cold, dryness, salt, pH, and radiation. These unique enzymes, called "Extremozymes", protect cells and biological macromolecules from damage by external stresses which helps PROTECT and REPAIR your skin in an unprecedented and exceptional manner.


Extremozymes are derived from organisms that thrive in physically or geochemically extreme conditions, places where most other life forms cannot survive. Potent natural protective enzymes are manufactured by these organisms, allowing them to live in the most extreme, adverse conditions on the planet. The variety of these Extremozymes include:


Extremophilic systems developed by these organisms work by protecting fragile protein and DNA components via conservation of water molecules, protein folding, cushioning, enveloping and otherwise protecting critical molecules. Many Extremozymes assist these organisms in not only protecting, but repairing DNA as it is damaged by environmental factors.


INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® has drawn from the natural selection processes of extremophilic organisms, pioneering the future of skincare in terms of ultimate protection and healthy skin.

The stressors found in extreme environments and those presented to the skin on a daily basis are more than similar. Exposure of structural proteins such as collagen and elastin as well as essential genetic DNA to the environment causes aging, with loss of elasticity, resilience, immune function, cancer resistance, and other beneficial qualities. INNOVATIVE SKINCARE®'s Extremozyme® products utilize the survival advantages from these extremophilic organisms to protect and preserve skin from environmental damage and aging by combating moisture loss, dehydration, radiation, heat, cold, and free radical damage.

Extremozyme® technology is clinically proven to help prevent DNA damage resulting in dramatic anti-aging improvements.

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